5. Some useful links

Christian Copyright Licensing International –  Important site but it is also important to realise that this organisation exists to represent the interests of writers and musicians, not users.   http://churches.ccli.co.uk

Common Worship – downloadable in pdf and some other formats.  Anybody who needs to draft services or choose music for them needs to know his or her way round either this or the printed versions of the texts.   https://www.churchofengland.org/prayer-worship/worship/texts.aspx

Copyright information from the UK government – https://www.gov.uk/copyright/overview

Francis Road’s website – a West Gallery enthusiast and expert with a lot useful  tunes etc (at the last count over 350), especially fuguing ones – http://www.rodingmusic.co.uk

hymnary.org (see ……….) –  http://www.hymnary.org

MuseScore – free open source software for writing music. Virtually all the music in this collection has been typeset using this programme and I would like to express my appreciation of it –  http://musescore.org

Music for the Church of God – A webarchive of this site  with several complete metrical psalters, and suggestions for tunes. Sadly in autumn 2009 the organisation that hosted it seems to have killed of the original site. I do not know how long the archive will remain. The tune-links on the site no longer work. http://web.archive.org/web/20080120085853/www.cgmusic.com/workshop/psametre_frame.htm

Oremus – A large resource of hymn tunes etc. and liturgical material  http://www.oremus.org/hymnal/

Small Church – a website based in Australia, with a large stock of useful downloadable tunes in pdf, midi or mp3 format.  http://www.smallchurchmusic2.com

Sue Glover’s website – with some useful resources, including another article by me.  http://www.psalmody.co.uk/

The West Gallery Music Association – essential for anyone interested in finding interesting ways of singing psalms and canticles. http://www.wgma.org.uk/

Village Carols – the website of Ian Russell’s organisation based in Sheffield committed to all matters related to that area’s remarkable tradition of Christmas Carols. http://www.villagecarols.org.uk/index.htm

Samples of the tunes are now available on Soundcloud by following the link where it says SOUNDCLOUD in the top corner of the picture below.