4. Table of Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning Notes
a Altered by DBT
ASB Alternative Service Book Interim modern CofE prayer book superseded by CW
BCP Book of Common Prayer Traditional CofE prayer book, dating from 1662.
CofE Church of England
CW Common Worship Current CofE prayer book


Common Worship Daily Prayer Has more Canticles than the basic CW
DBT Dru Brooke-Taylor (i.e. me, the author of this collection)


not in tunebook

P&G Praise and Glory Collection of psalms with music by Rollo Woods
Playford Playford, the Whole Book of Psalms with the usual Hymns and Spiritual Songs
R Rous i.e Scottish psalter
Ra Rous altered as above
SH Sternhold & Hopkins The Old Version
SHa Sternhold & Hopkins altered as above
TB Tate & Brady The New Version
TBa Tate & Brady altered as above
W Watts Psalter Psalms and Spiritual Songs
Wa Watts altered as above
WGMA West Gallery Music Association