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Before you copy or download anything, you must first read the section on copyright.

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By doing anything with any material on this site, you do so on the basis that that you have read and that you accept that section and all licences in it EVEN IF you have not read that section.  If you do not agree with those terms, you must not copy or download anything.

To make the downloads manageable, the Psalter is batched in its five books, downloadable below. Because of the length of Psalm 119, Book 5 is divided into two.  All are in pdf format. They are set out as A4 but the formatting should mean they can be printed as booklets in A5 if your printer can do this.
Metrical Psalter Book 1 v 1-0-3
Metrical Psalter Book 2 v 1-0-1
Metrical Psalter Book 3 v 1-0-1
MetricalPsalter Book 4 v1-0-1
MetricalPsalter Book 5A v1-0-1
Metrical Psalter Book 5B v 1-0-3

In addition, there are:-

Book 6 which contains the more used Canticles and some of the less familiar ones.              MetricalPsalter Book 6 Canticles v1-0-4

A tunebook (this is a bulky download), containing all the tunes grouped by metre.            Psalter tunebook 1.0.2

A Preface containing the permanent material on this site and without the illustrations or the download information. The doxologies are in this document and duplicated at the end of Book 5B.
Preface v 1-0-0

A table setting out what tune goes with which Psalm and suggesting uses for particular Psalms and Canticles.
Annotation Table WIP 1-0-3

As from 6th January 2017, a singe pdf file of all the blogposts of 2015 and 2016, here blogposts-for-2015-6-indexed

And as from 6th January 2018, a single pdf file of all the blogposts of 2017, here Blogposts for 2017 indexed .

I have aspirations

    • To use the Blog page to give news and share other ideas on the use of this material, and
    • To make the tunes available in a format so that they can be imported into music writing software.
    • To add further Canticles.

I would like to express my appreciation for Mrs Jackie Stephenson of Bristol without whose assistance, this website would not exist, and MuseScore (see Links page) which is the software I have used for typesetting music.

Samples of the tunes are now available on Soundcloud by following the link where it says SOUNDCLOUD in the top corner of the picture below.