Easter and its Anthem

Malmesbury Abbey Garden Labrynth No 2
The Garden Labyrinth, Malmesbury Abbey, 16 iii 2016

This is just a reminder, if you are preparing services for Easter. The Collection contains a setting of the Easter Anthem in Double Common Metre. Those whose memories go back that far will remember that in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer the Easter Anthem replaces the Venite at Morning Prayer on Easter Sunday. It was printed with the collect, Epistle and Gospel for that feast. It can, though, now be sung on any occasion and at any service throughout the Easter season.  It is assembled from a selection of verses , 1 Corinthians 5:15, Romans 6:1, and 1 Corinthians 15.20-22.

It is in the Morning section of Book 6. The tune it goes to is Ellacombe linked to the hymn The Day of Resurrection and in many hymn books. To that tune, it goes very well.  It has also been sung to Kingsfold  which seems often to be regarded as the default, when all else fails, DCM tune.

Here are the words.

1. For us is Christ our Passover  ~  now sacrificed and slain;
So let us keep the festival  ~  in thankfulness again.
2. Not with old yeast corrupt and sour ~ that’s wicked and uncouth;
But with unleavened bread of pure  ~  sincerity and truth.

3. For Christ has burst forth from the tomb  ~  and risen dies no more;
No more has death dominion  ~  o’er him by flesh or law.
4.In dying once he trod down death  ~  and once to sin he died;
In living now he lives to God  ~  eternity astride.

5. So see yourselves as dead to sin  ~  alive to God to keep;
In Christ the Lord raised from the dead  ~  first fruits of them that sleep.
6. For as by man to man came death  ~  and each in Adam dies;
So resurrection comes by Man  ~  who all from death unties.

May you have a joyful Easter.


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