Oxford Part 2

Oxford in Hymn Format v4 CS
Oxford in hymn format final version

Very many thanks to a friend, Charlotte Stansfield, who suggested to me that in stead of the simple change to the rhythm I described in the previous post about this tune, I should make the change in three parts, but leave the bass as it was. So I’m doing that. It works. Interestingly, it doesn’t work if one changes keeps the original version of any of the other lines as well, and especially not the alto line.  That sounds fine in the original or altered version, but sounds dreadful if the alto line does not follows the rhythm of the air line. So what’s at the top of this post is version 2 with Charlotte’s reversion in the bass line. This is the version that will eventually go into the next revision of the collection.

Charlotte also pointed out that she was not able to post a comment on the blog page. I had suspected that somehow since I set up the site I’d managed to disable the comments facility by a mistake – particularly as nobody seemed to be making comments, but wasn’t sure what other people were seeing. Also, I wasn’t sure how to repair this.  I hope I have now done so. Click where it says ‘Leave a comment’.

As an extra goody, particularly as there isn’t a picture at the top of this post, here’s a four part version of this final revision. As on previous occasions, the tenor line is in the bass clef.

Oxford in Four Separate Parts v4 CS
Oxford in Four Separate Parts final version

2 thoughts on “Oxford Part 2

  1. Charlotte November 30, 2015 / 8:53 pm

    Briefly – you have fixed the comment problem! Thanks for the acknowledgement, I’d have been happy without but am happy with too! Looking forward to seeing the painting on FB on a larger screen later. Looks like another corker.


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