Doing things with downloads

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St Arild’s Church, Littleton on Severn

This is a short and I hope practical post.  I have recently had people ask me two things that have surprised me, since I had thought the answers were obvious.

Finding downloads

The first question is “where can I find your psalms?”

The answer is that they are on the page called “How to find what you are looking for – Downloads”. Go to that page and follow the instructions. On the page, you will see document titles, probably underlined and in a different colour.  The colour may depend on which browser you are using. If you hover your mouse pointer over one of these, it should turn into a little pointing hand. By clicking, you should then find your computer downloads it.

It may also give you the option of opening it in your browser. That is often convenient, but if you do that, when you close the window, you will no longer have the document.

Copying a psalm, canticle or tune

The second is “How do I copy bits of psalms, blocks of verses or a tune?”

Again, this depends on which programme you are using to read the pdf.  They differ, but it is usually fairly easy to do. As I don’t know which one you will be using, though, I can’t tell you exactly how to do this.

You may well find that the pdf viewer in your browser will let you copy words, i.e. verses, straight off the page in your browser. However, it is unlikely to let you do that with a tune, which is a sort of picture. I would recommend downloading the texts anyway, but if you want to cut and paste the tunes, you will almost certainly need to download the texts first so that they are on the hard disc in your computer. If you make a separate folder for the complete suite and put them in it, they will be easier to find in future.

There are a number of applications that will open pdfs. Many of them are free. Any decent one will give you the ability to cut and paste from a pdf document.

In most pdf readers, you will find different options  for selecting text or pictures in different ways. Unfortunately, different pdf readers give these commands different names. In the one I usually use, there is a group of commands called “Tools”

Copying Words

In the reader I usually use there there is an option for ‘text’ selection.  That enables one to copy text by ‘blocking’ it – dragging the pointer over it. It will probably then show as a block in a different colour. Click ‘copy’. Then go to the document you want to paste it into, and use the command ‘paste’.

Once the words reach their destination, you may need to fiddle with the formatting. Word processors can be very frustrating and unpredictable in the way they receive cut and pasted pdf text.

Copying a tune

In most applications, there is at least one other selection option, so that you can select a visual image. Sometimes it is called something like ‘snapshot’. In other programmes it may be called ‘rectangular selection’ or even just ‘select’. When one uses this tool, it forms a little box on the screen which one can enlarge or shrink so it just contains what you want to copy. It is making a picture out of what is in the box. That will include any words.  They will become part of the picture so that you will not then be able to paste them separately.

So if you want to copy a tune, use that command to make a box round the tune,.  You should then be able to copy it and paste it into a document in your word processor. Once there, it may well appear in the document in your word processor as a box with some sort of little handles on the sides. Depending on how your word processor works, it should then be possible to use the little handles to move it around, change its size and even to some extent its proportions.


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